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Each Arrow Academy student is provided 3 uniforms at the beginning of the school year. If you wish to purchase additional shirts, they are available on each campus for $6.00. 
Monday - Thursday: Maroon polo shirt.
Friday: Spirit shirt day. Character/Career dress day to be announced.
Students May Not Wear: 

·         Jeans, denim or corduroy pants or jackets.

·         Over-sized baggy or flare leg pants.

·         Coats or jackets in the classroom.

·         Muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts, or undershirts worn as outer clothing.

·         Any item identified as gang related by school officials.

·         Warm-ups or sweat pants of any kind.

·         Visible body piercing, clips, or grills in the mouth.

·         Cut-off, torn, or tattered pants.

·         Bicycle pants or spandex tops or pants.

·         PE clothing to classroom.

·         Bandannas.

·         Vest or overalls.

·         See-through, mesh, or fishnet, chiffon or other see-through clothing.

·         Clothing which reveals bare midriff or navel.

·         Spaghetti straps or strapless tops.

·         Excessively tight clothing or low cut tops.

·         Mini-skirts, mini-shorts, and denim jumpers.

·         Disarrayed braids, hair curlers, combs.

·         Hats, caps, hoods, non-religious head scarves, or gloves inside the building.

·         Sunglasses or visors.

·         Key chains, pocket chains, or chains of any kind.

·         Excessively gaudy jewelry.

·         Wheelies or bare feet are not allowed.